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Products of the Cologne List®

Tested sports nutrition for olympic athletes!

Cologne ListBest Body Nutrition is a reliable partner for top athletes in the prevention of doping. All batches of the mentioned products are subject to tests on prohormones. Besides the standard analysis of a batch per product and year, we guarantee increased safety by testing each batch. Best Body Nutrition: Your partner for sports nutrition - our products push you towards a maximum performance.

Our passion for clean sport unites us.

Robert Förstemann

track rider

Cindy Roleder


Paul Krenz


Therefore, we have listed specific products on the Cologne List®. All batches of the products labelled with the logo are subject to tests on prohormones. Please consider the packaging and flavours of the different products. Precondition for the listing of a product on the Cologne List® is an unique analysis on prohormones. In contrast to other German manufacturers Best Body Nutrition testeds all batches of the listed products listed by the Cologne List®. The test results of our batches are published on the Cologne List® ( Cologne List® does this by only including nutritional supplements with a minimized doping risk that have been tested for various doping substances such as prohormones by one of the globally-leading laboratories in nutritional supplement analytics for doping substances.

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Professional Pre Noxx Pre Workout Booster - Blood Orange - 600 g can
Item No. 1001470 In stock
best before: 7/31/2023 / LOT: 6042724
Best Body Nutrition
€ 27,99
incl. 7 % tax
46.65 € per 1 kg
Professional Water Whey Fruity Isolat - Orange Peach - 1000 g zip bag
Item No. 1001447 Out of stock
Best Body Nutrition
€ 34,99
incl. 7 % tax
34.99 € per 1 kg
Not available
Professional EAA Powder - Blood Orange - 450 g can
Item No. 1001334 In stock
best before: 6/30/2023 / LOT: L01/21
Best Body Nutrition
€ 24,99
incl. 7 % tax
55.53 € per 1 kg
Professional Isotonic Powder - Lime - 600 g can
Item No. 1000940 Out of stock
Best Body Nutrition
€ 11,99
incl. 7 % tax
19.98 € per 1 kg
Not available
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