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Tested sports nutrition for olympic athletes!

Best Body Nutrition is a reliable partner for top athletes in the prevention of doping. All batches of the mentioned products are subject to tests on prohormones. Besides the standard analysis of a batch per product and year, we guarantee increased safety by testing each batch. Best Body Nutrition: Your partner for sports nutrition - our products push you towards a maximum performance.

Our passion for clean sport unites us.

Therefore, we have listed specific products on the Cologne List®. All batches of the products labelled with the logo are subject to tests on prohormones. Please consider the packaging and flavours of the different products. Precondition for the listing of a product on the Cologne List® is an unique analysis on prohormones. In contrast to other German manufacturers Best Body Nutrition testeds all batches of the listed products listed by the Cologne List®. The test results of our batches are published on the Cologne List® ( Cologne List® does this by only including nutritional supplements with a minimized doping risk that have been tested for various doping substances such as prohormones by one of the globally-leading laboratories in nutritional supplement analytics for doping substances.

Deshalb haben wir einzelne Produkte auf der Kölner Liste® aufgeführt. Alle Chargen dieser gelisteten Produkte werden auf Prohormone getestet. Die  Produkte sind auf der Website und im Shop mit dem Logo der Kölner Liste  gekennzeichnet. Bitte beachte dabei die Abpackung und Geschmacksrichtung  der verschiedenen Produkte.

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Mammut Nutrition
Beta Alanin Powder - 300 g can
Item No. 1000040
€ 12,49
incl. 7% tax
Best Body Nutrition
Creatin Monohydrat - 500 g can
Item No. 1000773
€ 12,99
incl. 7% tax
Best Body Nutrition
Isotonic Powder - Lemon - 600 g can
Item No. 1000866
€ 11,10
incl. 7% tax
Best Body Nutrition
Kick Speed Energy Caps - 60 pcs / can
Item No. 1000061
€ 9,99
incl. 7% tax
€ 15,99
incl. 19% tax
Best Body Nutrition
Premium Pro - French Vanilla - 750 g can
Item No. 1000658
€ 24,99
incl. 7% tax
Best Body Nutrition
Professional EAA - Blood Orange - 450 g can
Item No. 1001264
€ 27,99
incl. 7% tax
Best Body Nutrition
Protein Block - Chocolate - 90 g bar
Item No. 1000490
€ 40,35
incl. 7% tax
Best Body Nutrition
Water Whey Protein - Double Chocolate - 500 g can
Item No. 1000678
€ 18,99
incl. 7% tax

    The Cologner List®

    Nutritional supplements and products may contain doping-relevant substances. To simplify the choice of top athletes for nutritional supplements (To simplify the choice of nutritional supplements for top athlethes), there exists the Cologne List®. On the Cologne List® are nutritional supplements that have been tested on doping substances. By choosing products which are at the Cologne List®, the risk of getting unintended in touch with doping substances will be reduced.

    Cologne List® is a doping prevention initiative designed by the Olympic Centre Rhineland to fulfil its duty of care to top athletes.

    The reason for this is that various studies carried out by the Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sport University Cologne have found doping-relevant substances such as prohormones that were not listed on the package in the tested nutritional supplements.

    All products included in Cologne List® need to be tested for prohormones. The prerequisites for inclusion in Cologne List® are provided if this test is negative and if the manufacturer also provides binding information on the contamination risks in a self-disclosure form.

    Although doping is not directly relevant for possible sanctions with hobby or non-competitive athletes, the subject is still of interest to them. Or would you like to unknowingly ingest substances that come under the German Medicines Act?

    "Cologne List® is intended to help us minimize this uncertainty for athletes and separate the wheat from the chaff", says Michael Scharf, Director of the Olympic Centre Rhineland.

    Please visit the Cologne List® website at for more information.

    Cooperation with the OSP Stuttgart

    Since 2010, the Olympic Training Center Stuttgart is familiar with the  products from Best Body Nutrition. Together we make ourselves strong for  the prevention of doping in sports nutrition and supplements.