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Kathleen Streiber

Kathleen Streiber

Kathleen Streiber is a passionate fitness trainer and studio manager. Fitness, health and well-being are her passion. Her knowledge is also based on her studies as a state-certified fitness coach (medical fitness) and many years of experience as a successful athlete (including Miss Universe, World Champion, German Champion) and coach in the fitness sector.
On her website she shows how healthy nutrition and physical activity can contribute to a better attitude towards life, increased self-confidence and health. Individual and personal care for Kathleen is her top priority.



  • 3rd place Bikini Masters Arnold Classic Ohio
  • 2nd place Bikini-Fitness Top de Colmar


  • German champion + overall winner Bikini-Fitness NABBA
  • Ms Universe Bikini Fitness NABBA
  • 1st place + overall victory Bikini-Shape Int. Southern German Championship NAC
  • 1st place Bikini-Shape Int. German Championship NAC
  • 2nd place Bikini-Shape Bikini-Shape Ms.&Mr. Universe NAC


  • 7th place Bikini Fitness EVLS Prague
  • 1st place Bikini-Fitness Power & Beauty Rosenheim
  • 5th place Bikini-Fitness Int. Southern German Championship
  • 3rd place Bikini-Fitness Int. German Championship


  • 2nd place Bodyfitness EVLS Prague
  • Int. Southern German Champion Fitness Figure DBFV
  • International Bavarian Champion Fitness Figure + overall winner DBFV

2015 Autumn

  • 2nd place fitness figure int. south german championship DBFV
  • International Bavarian Champion + overall victory fitness figure DBFV
  • 3rd place international German championship fitness figure DBFV

2015 Spring

  • 1st place fitness model Fitgala
  • 3rd place Bikini-Fitness Franconian Championship DBFV
  • 3rd place fitness figure Bavarian championship DBFV


  • 4th place fitness model German championship DFFV
  • 3rd place fitness model WM DFFV


Name:Kathleen Streiber
Size:1,78 m
Occupation:industrial clerk
Sport:Fitness athlete
Training since:2013
What was your motivation to start with this sport?I have always been fascinated by body cult in weight training. Keeping your body fit and healthy and getting it in shape. Initially as a hobby to fight against female problems, it became a great passion in 2013. Since then I have been training for performance with about five training days a week and a performance-adjusted healthy eating style. Through this lifestyle, I learned to deal with my body more consciously, to keep fit, to eat healthy and to be mentally stronger.
Training philosophy:Train with joy and technique!
Hobbies:Strength training, traveling, walking, animals, eating, shopping
Objectives:Constant increase in performance, World Championship
Favourite food:Porridge, all kinds of homemade cakes, spinach with egg
Favourite exercise:Squats, pull-ups
Top supplements:EAAs, whey protein, arginine + citrulin, magnesium, omega 3, vitamins A-Z, glutamine, vitamin Q10