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Prevention of doping

the passion for clean sport unites us

Since 2010, the Olympic Training Center Stuttgart is familiar with the   products from Best Body Nutrition. Together we make ourselves strong  for  the prevention of doping in sports nutrition and supplements.

Every competitive athlete has to rely on safe products! The Olympiastützpunkt (Olympic Training Centre) Stuttgart has been relying  on our products since 2010. We agitate for the prevention of doping in  the area of sports nutrition and food supplements together with this  training centre as well as our partners like Cindy Roleder, Robert Förstemann and Paul Krenz.

Even if doping is not directly relevant for the recreational and competitive athlete with regard to possible sanctions, the topic is interesting for these athletes nevertheless. Because who would want to  subconsciously take in substances which are governed by the German  Medicines Law?


„With respect, courage and tolerance against violence, drugs and prejudices!“

With every MAMMUT product sold, we support Carsten Stahl's "Stop Bullying" initiative. Sport has always been a way to find a way out of difficulties and social injustice or to reduce aggression. The work of Carsten Stahl convinced us. It is where it burns and is particularly dangerous: among children and adolescents. He travels from school to school with his program and explains. Loud, direct, but just as sensitive. The kids listen to him because he goes to their eye level. Together with Carsten Stahl, MAMMUT sets an example!

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