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You are fit - your diet is now too!

With Fit4Day, we are targeting those who would rather ban carbohydrates from their nutrition and replace them with high-protein products. Whether for a nutritious breakfast, a delicious meal in between or a hearty dinner. True to the motto “Eat smart. Be fi t.” Fit4Day offers the opportunity to eat balanced, high-protein and low carb anywhere, anytime.

In our increasinglyhectic everyday life, the practical portion sizes of the product line are optimally integrated in trend to convenience products. Open wide, prepare, enjoy! From quick breakfast ready to drink on the way to work, to light snacks, to crispy pizza in the evening, the Fit4Day products are the perfect companion throughout the day. Simple, tasty and comfortable.

More protein
Our products contain up to 75% more protein. Proteins help maintain muscle mass.
Less carbohydrates
With up to 82% less carbohydrates, the Fit4Day products are ideal even on a diet.
Less sugar
Up to 45% less sugar and no hidden sugar sources - Fit4Day makes your day.
So easy - so Fit4Day
Our products are packaged in individual portions. So you save the measuring and space in your kitchen cabinet. Rip open - stir - done!
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Chocolate Nut Spread - Chocolate Nut - 250 g glass
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